Hello. My name is Molly! ((idiot…they know…its in your profile remember?)) Oh..Uh, right..Uh, anyway…well, I really love anime. ((In the profile too… -_-“)) Shuttup! Then uhm…uh…I think it’d be nice to start a wordpress! I have never made one so this is new to me. If you’d like to help me out, thatd be great! I have a thing for Inui Sadaharu of Prince of Tennis and do NOT question it…EVER! I have a thing for his eyes too. They are soo heavenly!!! I dont really know I’m going to be blogging or how often and all that, but I will soon-ish I swear! ((Note that it isn’t a promise folks. She might not keep it)) SHUTTUP!!! ((Hai Molly-sama…*slinks away*))